The record I “quietly” recorded this past winter is here! Watch for the first single two time award winning release “Ruin of Love” on August 7 on my Facebook Music Page.  And the rest of the album to drop August 19.   Jazzacana to the core.   A personal fusion of smooth jazz and Americana.


SHE SINGS STUDIO is relocating!    

As of September 1st, my home location will be Bozeman Montana. I leave with much love and regard to all my clients, ages 7-77.   And much missing of the joyful music and creativity we have shared. This is when the power of  Messenger and Skype come to play. Already many of my students are signed up to continue our musical  education together.  And Ill be returning to Santa Fe every season for two weeks at a time to educate and produce.

Let the music continue!



“Stories”, an Americana Folk Rock new release from award winning singer songwriter Lisa Carman, is a weaving of the symbolic emotions and day to day living of human life.

Imagine being read the “Stories” of your life, an open book of chapters, paragraphs, and poetic words.  That is this record for me.
  Eleven chapters of life.  Flavors of Americana, Folk, Country, and a hint of Rock.   Palace Recording and Algorythms Mastering have created a perfected sound for this record.  
I will be announcing live video viewing of songs from “Stories” on YouTube and Facebook.

This record has been waiting to be birthed for 2 years. Two award winning songs that find their home with ten other relatives. Traveling the road map of life’s joys and lessons, this Americana /Folk record joins together my favorite creative team of musicians, Kevin Zoernig, Justin Bransford, Jeff Sussmann, Scott Shane, Adrienne Bellis and Caitlin Thomas.






The following are some of web sites where Lisa’s CDs are available for download.


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Poetically insightful, and fused with a variety of  acoustic instrumentation, each song explores a  time or place in one’s life.  Musical  moments of  honesty, lovingly recorded at the Palace Studio in  Santa  Fe.
Open the “book”  and travel and savor listening  to the “Stories”, “that lead me to my heart.”

Warm regards,






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