“All the ‘Stories’ that lead me to my heart…”

“Stories” is here!

Completed, printed, delivered, and ready to listen to!
  Imagine being read the “Stories” of your life, an open book of chapters, paragraphs, and poetic words.  That is this record for me.
  Eleven chapters of life.  Flavors of Americana, Folk, Country, and a hint of Rock.   Palace Recording and Algorythms Mastering have created a perfected sound for this record.  
I will be announcing live video viewing of songs from “Stories” on YouTube and Facebook.

This record has been waiting to be birthed for 2 years. Two award winning songs that find their home with ten other relatives. Traveling the road map of life’s joys and lessons, this Americana /Folk record joins together my favorite creative team of musicians, Kevin Zoernig, Justin Bransford, Jeff Sussmann, Scott Shane, Adrienne Bellis and Caitlin Thomas.



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This winter I have become a studio soul, already at work on a new genre based album entitled “Niche.”  Going back to childhood roots while I listened to my parents play vinyl records of jazz and swing.  “Niche” is coming right on the heels of “Stories.”  What next ?  
Healing originals and ukulele acoustic based fun! A EP disc of Orkney Islands inspired tunes!

Educating/mentoring is wonderful this year. All students built up learning steam this fall, and we are already moving to the third live showcase of She Sings Studio on February 11th 1:30 at the Performance Space at La Tienda.   Many students are composing and bringing their originals to the stage at these showcases.   Our final showcase of the season is May 6.

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