The Way


1. Flooded in Mercy
2. In Love and Loss
3. Believing and Receiving
4. Morning Praise
5. Forgiveness (Let It Go)
6. Safe Inside

7. There Is A River
8. WhiteWashed People
9. Dance and Sing
10. Who Am I To Judge?
11. Inner Spaces
12. The Way

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Original music from Lisa Carman and Ken King! A year in the making, this Christian Folk Rock record covers joyful toe tapping rock, heartfelt New Thought messages, and tender stories touching and connecting us all to each other. The concert featured many of New Mexico’s finest players on stage! With Justin Bransford, Adrienne Bellis, Eric Chappelle, James King, Scott Shane, Jeff Sussmann, Caitlin Thomas,and Kevin Zoernig. And Tyra LaForge and Camille Byama were introduced on harmony vocals!

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