Lisa Carman brings a clear, sultry, jazzy voice to the flavors and genres of Folk/Rock/Americana/ and New Thought Roots music.

Eight albums into her recording discography, she continues to explore uplifting and positive messages through lyrics about career choices, children, marriages, love still here, and love long gone.

Her sensuous legato alto blends soulful melodies, while a pure soprano floats through her quieter folk music. A deep energy pulses inside the various genres of musical arrangements, touching the inner core and pace of our human lives today.

She reaches into her musical roots of 70’s female singer songwriters, and emerges creating her own original brand and style.

Strong hook lines and lilting melodies bring to life each song and the story it tells.

“So many patterns and rhythms and melodies, formed the core of who I was, and how I grew up, and now how I live: to share and make music”.

Connecting to audiences, mentoring her students, and producing CDs for fellow singer songwriters in the studio, Lisa celebrates the heart, mind, and spirit of the artful muse in each one of us.

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