Producing a fellow musician’s work is comparable to joining a new family. Sharing, developing, guiding, encouraging, gently critiquing, and being a loving therapist. All of these elements bring forward the ease of the composer and the personal best for the recording.
A first meeting to discuss the artist vision, length or number of songs, instrument preference, and budget is essential for the producer/client relationship to connect and begin building a trust and creative zone.
This initial meeting is followed with recording studio suggestions. The studio engineer, rooms, gear and studio location, are all taken into consideration. Visits can be arranged to feel the “vibe,” and choose the studio that feels the most comfortable.
Outlining the timetable of recording the project is very important. All artists work smoothly at their own chosen pace. I do suggest creating a deadline, so as never to rush the completion of a recording. The artist’s personal pace is most important for a satisfying musical experience.
Here at She Sings Studio, we have a large listing of first call New Mexico studio musicians as well as a list of regional studio musicians. Drums, percussion, bass (electric and acoustic) keys, piano, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, ukulele, guitars (electric and acoustic,), native flutes, banjo, dobro, horns, and others. Many ranges and tones of harmony singers (male and female) are available. Having recorded with many of these fine players through the years, matching the players to each individual project is a joy. Or choose to bring in your own musicians and band to record.
Arrangement of your music is a most important element of pre-planning your recording sessions. Song outlines and lyric/music charts affect a recording session’s flow and efficiency. Beginning with a musical outline can open up smooth creative inserts and detours. The best surprises are the spontaneous ones!
My role as a producer encompasses all aspects listed above, with the most important being: my client feels the music was honored, the process was fulfilling and the final product sounds great!

My ode to producing:
Understanding the mind, unfolding the heart
Capturing the story in each work of art
Polishing the jewel that each song is…..