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Upcoming Appearances:
August 18, & 25 Farmers Market at La Tienda in Eldorado of Santa Fe
4-6 pm Lisa Carman Duo. With Scott Shane. Award winning and nominated Americana/Roots Music.

Summer News!

June was a month of late night sunsets, early morning sunrises on the Island of Rousay in Orkney, Scotland.
Living on the North Sea, we recorded, composed, and hosted a jam session with the island musicians.
This magical location is a automatic tonic of creativity and grounding for me.
Ken King and Camille Hewitt flew to us with location gear to film a video for the song I wrote about the island.
Tommy Gibson, our resident dear friend escorted us to locations about the island, and shared many a meal and historic “stories” (humorous and tragic).
The song is my of two star crossed soul mates finding each other and making a life together in 1896. In the exact church/media location we rented and stayed in. The Release of the video/song “Isle of Rousay” will be December 2017 .

My New CD
My new CD “Stories” is coming soon! Single song release’s on the internet first. Physical copies November 1!
This record has been waiting to be birthed for 2 years. Two award winning songs that find their home with ten
other relatives. Traveling the road map of life’s joys and lessons, this Americana /Folk record joins together my favorite creative team of musicians, Kevin Zoernig, Justin Bransford, Jeff Sussmann, Scott Shane, Adrienne Bellis and Caitlin Thomas.

The She Sings Studio Songwriting “Idol” contest!
On April 1 this year, I conducted the first She Sings Studio Songwriting “Idol” contest/adjudication for my youth songwriters that study with me. The event saw three professional adult songwriters with a guiding outline, critiquing the content of youth songwriters original songs, as they performed for them. Three songs tied for the winning opportunity to record their song for free! ¬†Two week later the young songwriters returned with their own ideas and plans to record. What a remarkable experience to produce them. We will be conducting this “”Songwriting Idol” opportunity on December 3rd at Palace Recording. ¬†Contact Lisa to enter.

Fall semester begins August 14! Reserve your education hour soon! Student Showcase dates November 12, February 11, and May 6th.

For songwriting/recording workshop/clinics go to the education page.

Another successful year at the new Mexico Music Awards with 13 nominations and two award winning songs for She Sings Studio and Palace Recording.

To check out all the music connections in the state and info go to:

The Palace”
This is where my songs and music pieces over the last 2 years have been recorded..A multi track recording studio for bands, acoustic ensembles, and the solo artist. Scott Shane is the engineer and also a songwriter/guitarist.

I produce, or assist as a vocal producer, with a special interest in singer songwriters. We can arrange to have exceptional first call New Mexico recording musicians for all tracking needs and a variety of musical genres, Keys, Bass, Guitars, Drums/Percussion, Harmony and Backing Vocals.

We are also happy to assist you in planning your project your own way. We look forward to you making a appointment to visit and experience the studio!


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